With the rise of online gambling, it has set the trend for growing sector of software development. This sector has seen the rise of NetEnt and Microgaming as the front runners in the software development era. Both firms have immense experience that spans over two decades of experience in the production of casino games. The trend has seen the growth of casino games in terms of graphics, designs, features among a host of other innovations that have rocked the industry available at https://www.top-netentcasinos.com .

What are the Stories of NetEnt and Microgaming?

Microgaming hailed as a front runner with the creation of the first online casino software back in 1994. With its base in the Isle of Man, the software developer involves in the creation of over 800 unique games for over 400 casinos. The firm offers a variety of platforms ranging from mobile and desktop versions. The firm also hails as the only software developer that hosts its platform on a smartwatch for players. Through its operations, Microgaming has picked up a series of accolades for its services at pogar .

At NetEnt, it launched its services in 1996 when software development was still in its early phases. The firm has undergone tremendous transformations since its inception and is currently a leading provider of gambling solutions. The firm is a leader in the production of innovative slot games which are making waves in the industry. The firm is currently in its expansion phase following the acquisition of Red Tiger as part of its addition. The firm transaction billions as part of their global gaming systems.

Battle of Gameplay

There is a fine line when it comes to the gameplay between the two. Both companies involve the production of innovative slot machines with different themes. Both companies also offer specialized jackpot games which are enriching the lives of many people. When it comes to the gameplay, it boils down to the taste of the player. As a new player who has never tried out NetEnt slots, it can be a tad bit difficult to keep up with all the advancements with the slots.

Does Presentation Matter?

Basically, we are looking into whether either company bears an advantage over the other in terms of how people perceive their games. NetEnt has an innovatie virtual gaming experience that supports the use of the best graphics. It is not that Microgaming takes a back seat with this innovation; however, it also boasts of a pack of innovative graphics and gameplay. However, NetEnt takes home the crown when it comes to presentation, with the addition of 3D graphics blazed with cinematic sounds.

  • NetEnt recently acquired Red Tiger Gaming
  • Both firms have the highest accumulation of casino games
  • Both firms hold the longest experience in software development

Basing on this facts, it is true to say that NetEnt is taking over the mantle and setting the pace for how software development takes place. Apart from the innovative casino solutions, NetEnt brings on board current customer experiences that will revolutionize the gaming experience. However, Microgaming is not taking the backseat with their software development. Microgaming holds the crown for the highest progressive jackpots in the industry. It packs of a wide variety of casino games that offer services to over 400 casinos.